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The Nora Chronicles: The Fourth Month

Nora hit four months of age yesterday, and got to have her four-month doctor’s appointment to prove her efforts thus far–and we know what that means: shots. My wife had to witness what may be among the worst duties as a parent: watching your baby get stuck with needles. Anyway, time to update the stats: […]

Fatherhood: Changing Perspectives

As my daughter nears her four-month “birthday,” I find myself marveling at how much she has changed since she was first born. It’s obvious that she’s growing a lot, but here’s the thing: Everything we take for granted as adults is new for a baby. My daughter has “discovered” her hands. She is also “learning” […]

Fatherhood: Striking a Balance

There’s a battle going on in my head and my heart. The battle between career and family. It’s an ages-old battle that rages I’m sure for many fathers out there: Do I focus on career or family? Yes, I know the answer is both, but here’s the thing: there are only so many hours in […]

The Feeling of Immortality

Today, my wife brought Nora into the office to show her off–for those of you who don’t know, my wife also works for WGU. The Little One was a bit fussy at first, but pulled it together to have a wonderful public debut. Anyway, one of my co-workers said something today that struck me (and I’ll […]

The Nora Chronicles: The First Breath

For those of you who don’t know, my firstborn daughter was born last week. Here’s the 411: Name: Nora Rachel Cohen Time of Birth: 1:48 PM October 29th 2009 Weight: 7 lbs 9 oz Length: 20 and1/4 inches The Ordeal My wife was induced into labor starting at 6:00 AM October 28th. Do the math […]