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The Unchanged State of Cable News

I wrote this original short post about three and a half years ago. It’s sad that only has cable news not really changed, but in many cases, it has only gotten worse. In fact, research proves it. Here’s a snippet from a Huffington Post article I read today:

The [Pew Research Center] study’s authors found that, since 2007, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC have all cut back sharply on the amount of actual reporting found on their airwaves. Cheaper, more provocative debate or interview segments have largely filled the void.

Remember when news was simply “That’s the way it was” and nothing else? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, here’s the post I wrote three and a half years ago:


People often forget that comedians and cartoonists are the Court Jesters of our day. They can make fun of the “King” without getting killed. A short post today featuring one of my favorite comic strips ever: Non Sequitur.


The part that stands out to me the most here is the line “It’s the context in which you misinterpret it.” Spin alley, so to speak. I think this says a lot about our so-called “news” media when you can look at a set of facts of go two, three, four, five, countless different ways in terms of interpretation. Kind of crazy.

Anyway, I don’t want to dive too far into this. Just thought we could enjoy a little humor on a Wednesday morning.

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