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Fantasy Football and the Fan Dilemma

Today, I’m going to talk about the dilemma every true NFL fan faces:

The Fantasy Football Dilemma

I’m a huge Washington Redskins fan. I’m also in two fantasy football leagues. Fantasy football makes the other games interesting. But it also complicates things. Let me give you a few examples.

Last night, I’m watching the Cowboys-Giants game. And I’m torn:

  • As a good Redskins fan, I need the Giants to win because they’re playing Dallas. Enough said
  • For fantasy football purposes, I need the Cowboys to light up the scoreboard and shut down Giants receiver Steve Smith at the same time.

So what do you root for? I guess the best case scenario is a shootout with the Giants ultimately winning (and Steve Smith not being a part of it)–though, to complicate matters, a Giants loss helps the Redskins more right now… but Dallas losing always makes me happy.

(For the record, my compromise is that I have ZERO Cowboys on either of my fantasy teams. I can sleep at night with that arrangement.)

Here’s another example:

After the whole Favre debacle in moving to Minnesota, I became a huge Aaron Rodgers fan. And, because the Redskins have not exactly been competitive in recent years, I usually adopt a “second” team based off of a player I really like so I have a fun team to follow. Last year, I adopted the Saints. This year, I adopted the Packers. (And no, when they played each other three weeks ago, there was no discussion. Redskins all the way.)

So here’s another dilemma:

  • I despise Favre now, so I want the Packers to win big.
  • I need Percy Harvin to have a big game to have a change for a win in fantasy football.

The Packers won, so I’m happy. Harvin had a decent game, but not big enough to make a difference for fantasy.

The bottom line is that fantasy football presents a weekly dilemma for true NFL fans because rooting interests are pitted against fantasy team point needs.

So what do you choose? Rooting for your actual team or rooting for your fantasy team? You can’t do both all the time.

Me: I would go 0-16 in fantasy football for a Redskins playoff birth… but I’d feel really horrible at the same time.

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