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The Nora Chronicles: The Sixth Month

Nora hit six months of age yesterday, and what a whirlwind it has been. Before I dive into the meat of this post, since she had her six month appointment yesterday (with more shots to boot… poor girl), let’s lead off with the new vitals:

Height: 27 inches (90th percentile)
Weight: 14.5 pounds (25th percentile)
Overall Health: Pretty much perfect

So since birth, my daughter has about doubled in weight and grown 7 inches. That’s crazy. No wonder she’s going crazy; she’s growing like a maniac. All in all, she’s beautiful and in pretty much perfect health.

Crying: The Phantom Menace

You know that feeling you get when you have your cell phone on vibrate and you stick it in your pocket, and then you get phantom vibrations? Yeah?

That’s now what it’s like with Nora’s crying. I hear her cries in my sleep… every time I turn around… every time I change the channel.

I’ve heard her cries when I’m at work. What’s crazier? When I was in Florida (1800 MILES AWAY) at Email Insider Summit last week, I heard her cries there, too. (Side note: I thought three nights away from my daughter would mean awesome sleep… so wrong. Woke up every two hours… like clockwork.)

Funny things happen to a man when he doesn’t sleep. To say I’m hypersensitive now is an understatement… and I’ve also become hypersensitive in other areas, like work and around the house.

Admittedly, the past six weeks or so have been awfully difficult. At work, I’ve been insanely busy with a giant project on an unrealistic deadline (that somehow I may actually hit). At home, Nora has changed a lot (I know, it’s supposed to happen). She’s still not sleeping through the night, and as I possibly mentioned last month, she’s added fighting sleep to her arsenal as well. So not only is she crying, but she only gets more upset when we try to calm her down.

Not fun.

Plus, Nora has decided she has one volume: LOUD.

Happy or upset, you’re now more likely to hear shrieks and shouts from her than the cute-as-hell cooing we were once witness to on a frequent basis.

So let’s add it up: Insane stress at work + no sleep + baby banshee = very tired, occasionally bitter daddy.

And yet, it’s still worth it.

And I love her to pieces.

Till next month… hopefully then I can report on sleep.

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