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The Fatherhood Fraternity

The eyes light up. The mouth begins to creep into a knowing smile. The dominant hand immediately shoots out for an introduction…

Welcome to the Fatherhood Fraternity. You may now commence learning the secret handshake (provided you can get the spit-up and drool off of your hand first).

Becoming a father is kind of like joining a fraternity. You join a brotherhood of other dads who all either openly or secretly are really excited about their kids (even at the tender age my daughter is–4 and a half months). There’s a camaraderie between dads–a common knowledge of the challenges of striking a balance between a career and fatherhood, as well as a common reverence for the hard work our wives put in to raise our children.

… You can even kind of equate the first month of your child’s life to “Rush.” You’re up at all hours of the night. You’re dealing with throw-up and “bathroom stuff.” Everything is kind of a daze. And if you make it through (which you will), your life is changed forever.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Fatherhood Fraternity is the outpouring of support from dads everywhere. When my wife was going through the ordeal at the hospital giving birth, I tweeted hourly updates. And with every update came support from the dads out there (and the moms, too–let’s not forget them). When I’ve been up at 3:30 in the morning and have tweeted my displeasure about being kept awake by a stubborn newborn, the knowing dads out there told me to hang in there.

It’s an amazing feeling to be a dad, and it’s only made better by my brothers in the Fraternity.

Just thought I’d give a quick shout-out to the Fatherhood Fraternity. If you’re a dad and you don’t know about it, I highly suggest reaching out and learning more.

Applications are always accepted.

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