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Three Concepts Email Marketers Can Learn from the NFL and Fantasy Football

I watch football. A lot of football. And with the football comes the requisite participation in fantasy football leagues. My fanaticism for football and the passion for fantasy football got me thinking about how the sport could relate to email marketing. And I’ve come up with a few ideas. After the my ideas, I want […]

Why Email Marketing Benchmarks Matter

Undoubtedly, you’ve read on this blog and tons of others about the importance of testing your email marketing campaigns. This post is not going to dispute the necessity of testing. But there is one thing you need to have in place before you begin testing: Benchmarks. How’s the saying go? “You can’t know where you’re going […]

ESPs: Build Me an Email Marketing Tool

While attending the Email Insider Summit last week, an idea came to me during one of the networking events where a discussion was going on about technology and sales people. It dawned on us that, frankly, sales folks (and busy marketing folks like me) just don’t have the time or desire to learn fancy software packages; they […]

The Bane of Testing

Allow me to vent for a bit. A common frustration of mine when working in the email marketing space surrounds the notion that there is no “right answer.” The answer is pretty much always: “It depends. You should test.” I get it. I do. Here’s the problem, though: Testing takes time. Testing also takes a great deal […]