Email Marketers: Segment and Respect Your Customers

I’ve written about the use of email by the Democratic Party and by the White House before, but I think their practices need to be revisited just a bit. Politically, I lean Democrat. And I, like many Democratic-leaning folks out there, am absolutely sick of the party’s so-called leadership and their lack of ability to get anything done. And […]

The Quest for 50

I made a horrible mistake the other day… I stepped on a scale. I’m not totally ignorant when it comes to my body. I know I’ve been packing on the weight a bit. That’s what no restraints on diet and no activity in terms of real exercise (at least with any semblance of consistency) will […]

Should Business Cards Define Us?

A few weeks ago, while attending MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit in Park City, I found myself in a very interesting conversation with Loren McDonald (Silverpop) and Alex Williams. The topics of conversation swung from music to the naughty words of email marketing to how people define themselves. The last topic is what got me thinking and hence the forthcoming post. Loren’s […]

What Not to Do When Losing a Client

If you’re a client, you know this situation: You’re moving to a new agency or service provider to take care of certain mechanisms within your company. There is a long transition process that involves uber-busy departments like IT. But you’re also at the end of your contract with other providers who will not be needed […]

It’s About People, Stupid – Join the Conversation

“No one cares if you’re a Fortune 500 Company on the Internet.” This was something Greg Cangialosi said a few months ago in a Blue Sky Factory webinar that struck me. And he’s absolutely right. Long gone are the days of the monolithic corporations telling you how to think, how to dress, what to buy. The days of “interruption […]