Email Snob Interview: Rory Carlyle

To continue the Email Snob interview series, I interviewed by email Rory Carlyle, an Email Marketing Manager and interactive marketing consultant. ScottWritesEverything: Rory, thanks for joining me. Let’s start at the beginning. How did you get your start in email marketing? Tell me a bit about your background. Rory Carlyle: I started out in email marketing as […]

Do One Thing Well? Be Careful

Chris Brogan wrote a post on his blog a few weeks ago with the title “Do One Thing Well.” His premise, highlighting Cafe Du Monde, is that brands are always tempted to walk away from what they’re really good at for the sake of expansion. Brogan writes: Not every brand has to be a sole product experience. We’re […]

Fatherhood: Striking a Balance

There’s a battle going on in my head and my heart. The battle between career and family. It’s an ages-old battle that rages I’m sure for many fathers out there: Do I focus on career or family? Yes, I know the answer is both, but here’s the thing: there are only so many hours in […]

Political Opinion: Only Public Should Finance Campaigns

In light of the Supreme Court’s recent decision to ease restrictions on corporate campaign spending, I decided to push through this post. It’s been on my mind a while, so here goes: We should abolish private campaign contributions. Before you get all up in arms about this, hear me out. Have you noticed a familiar theme […]

The Bane of Testing

Allow me to vent for a bit. A common frustration of mine when working in the email marketing space surrounds the notion that there is no “right answer.” The answer is pretty much always: “It depends. You should test.” I get it. I do. Here’s the problem, though: Testing takes time. Testing also takes a great deal […]