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New Rules for March Madness

With March Madness beginning today (okay, cough cough, it began Tuesday, cough cough), I’ve decided I have a few problems with the current/new selection system for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. So, in honor of Bill Maher, here are my “New Rules” for March Madness: 1. To get into the tournament, you must win at […]

Madden, Marketing, and the NFL

In my spare time (read: not much), I occasionally play Madden 2010 on my XBox 360. I tend to stick to one or two teams because I really enjoy getting to know the offensive playbooks. This got me thinking. ESPN already broadcasts Madden tournaments. Why not take this one step further and see if my […]

Fantasy Football and the Fan Dilemma

Today, I’m going to talk about the dilemma every true NFL fan faces: The Fantasy Football Dilemma I’m a huge Washington Redskins fan. I’m also in two fantasy football leagues. Fantasy football makes the other games interesting. But it also complicates things. Let me give you a few examples. Last night, I’m watching the Cowboys-Giants […]

If I was in charge of the NHL

Like a huge chunk of this country (and just about everyone in Canada), I enjoyed a heavy dose of Olympic hockey over the past two weeks. And during one of the games, NBC’s cameras caught Gary Bettman, the NHL Commissioner, sitting with the IOC Commissioner. The play-by-play guy, “Doc” Emrick, remarked that there was a […]