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Email Snob Interview: Justin Premick

For this next installment of the Email Snob Interview Series, I talk email with Justin Premick, Director of Education Marketing at AWeber. ScottWritesEverything.com: Justin, thanks for joining me. Justin Premick: Thanks for asking me to do this interview. I’m looking forward to it. SWE: I’d love to know how you got your start in email marketing. Tell me a […]

Email Snob Interview: Luke Glasner

If there’s one great thing I’m enjoying about the Email Snob Interview Series, it’s the feeling of “We’re all in this together” that I’m getting from the different interviews. Today’s subject is no different. In this installment, I have the awesome opportunity to talk email with Luke Glasner of Glasner Consulting and a veteran of the Publishing industry. Get ready, […]

Email Snob Interview: George DiGuido

After my brief departure from the topic at hand last week, I continue the Email Snob Interview series with a conversation with George DiGuido, Vice President of Email Marketing at Zeta Interactive. ScottWritesEverything: George, thanks for taking the time to talk email marketing with me. I ask this of everyone, but how did you get your start in email […]

Permission is the Power Behind Email Marketing

I read something yesterday that struck a nerve with me. And not just with me, but many of my “Email Snob” friends out there. Here’s the headline: “Sending e-mail when you don’t have an opt-in” The article (in BtoB Magazine) suggests, that while best practices and the numbers dictate that opt-in leads to better results, […]

Email Snob Interview: Kent McGovern

Have you been enjoying the “Email Snob” Interview Series? I know I have. For the next installment, I talk email marketing with Kent McGovern, Email Abuse and Delivery Team Lead for 1ShoppingCart.com. ScottWritesEverything.com: Kent, thanks for joining me. Let’s start with your background. How did you get your start in email marketing? Kent McGovern: I started working at 1ShoppingCart […]