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Email Snob Interview: Kelly Lorenz

For part three of the “Email Snob” series, I spoke (by email) with Kelly Lorenz, Email Marketing Strategist at Bronto Software. ScottWritesEverything.com: Hey Kelly, thanks for joining me! Kelly Lorenz: Thanks for the opportunity! I think this is a neat idea. SWE: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you get your start in email marketing? KL: Well, I actually […]

Email Snob Interview: Rory Carlyle

To continue the Email Snob interview series, I interviewed by email Rory Carlyle, an Email Marketing Manager and interactive marketing consultant. ScottWritesEverything: Rory, thanks for joining me. Let’s start at the beginning. How did you get your start in email marketing? Tell me a bit about your background. Rory Carlyle: I started out in email marketing as […]

The Bane of Testing

Allow me to vent for a bit. A common frustration of mine when working in the email marketing space surrounds the notion that there is no “right answer.” The answer is pretty much always: “It depends. You should test.” I get it. I do. Here’s the problem, though: Testing takes time. Testing also takes a great deal […]

Email Marketers: Segment and Respect Your Customers

I’ve written about the use of email by the Democratic Party and by the White House before, but I think their practices need to be revisited just a bit. Politically, I lean Democrat. And I, like many Democratic-leaning folks out there, am absolutely sick of the party’s so-called leadership and their lack of ability to get anything done. And […]

Should Business Cards Define Us?

A few weeks ago, while attending MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit in Park City, I found myself in a very interesting conversation with Loren McDonald (Silverpop) and Alex Williams. The topics of conversation swung from music to the naughty words of email marketing to how people define themselves. The last topic is what got me thinking and hence the forthcoming post. Loren’s […]