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Why Email Marketing Benchmarks Matter

Undoubtedly, you’ve read on this blog and tons of others about the importance of testing your email marketing campaigns. This post is not going to dispute the necessity of testing. But there is one thing you need to have in place before you begin testing: Benchmarks. How’s the saying go? “You can’t know where you’re going […]

Email Snob Interview: Chris Donald

I’m excited to continue the Email Snob Interview series today by talking with email with Chris Donald, Partner and VP of Sales and Marketing at The Inbox Group. ScottWritesEverything: Chris, thanks for jumping into the fray. Chris Donald: Scott, thank you for this opportunity to be included in the interview series. The Email Snob Interviews have always been one […]

An Email Marketing Cause to Sign Up For

Since we live in Utah (and not Salt Lake City specifically), if we’re out on a Sunday afternoon and want to get lunch, my wife and I are pretty much relegated to the national chain restaurants. As a result, we tend to frequent (probably once a month at most) Chili’s. Yesterday, my wife saw the […]

Email Snob Interview: Jordie van Rijn

It’s been a little while since the last snob gave me his/her input, but today, I go for an international perspective on email marketing and email snobbery with Jordie van Rijn, who most recently hails from Dunck Loyalty Marketing. ScottWritesEverything.com: Jordie, thanks for joining me. I look forward to getting your unique perspective on all things email […]