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Three Reasons Why Twitter is for Real

Not a week goes in which I don’t hear someone say, “I’m not on Twitter. I just don’t see the point of it.” Admittedly, a couple of years ago, I was right there with these people. But A couple of things happened in the past couple of days that have inspired this post: I reached […]

Email Marketing and the Spam Perception

I have got to get something off my chest: All email marketing is spam… (Now that I’ve got your attention, let me add:)… to somebody. The bottom line, from a customer perspective, is this: Spam is unwanted email. Customers don’t care about what the law says or what spam really is. Frankly, they don’t have to. All […]

You Are Not Your Customer

If there is something I definitely see every single day of my professional life, it’s the phrase: “If I was in that position, I would ____________________.” It is a common phrase among marketers who want to use personal experience as an excuse to generally disagree with someone else’s sentiment. News flash: You are not your […]

Email Snob Interview: Ryan Phelan

Today, I continue the Email Snob Interview Series with a conversation with Ryan Phelan, Vice President of Strategic Services at Blue Hornet. ScottWritesEverything: Ryan, thanks for joining me. Let’s start at the beginning. How’d you get your start in email marketing? Ryan Phelan: Oddly enough, I graduated college with a degree in psychology and a minor in religion. Soon […]

Fantasy Football and the Fan Dilemma

Today, I’m going to talk about the dilemma every true NFL fan faces: The Fantasy Football Dilemma I’m a huge Washington Redskins fan. I’m also in two fantasy football leagues. Fantasy football makes the other games interesting. But it also complicates things. Let me give you a few examples. Last night, I’m watching the Cowboys-Giants […]