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The Nora Chronicles: The Screeching Halt

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed in the last week, you’ll know that my daughter, Nora, got a pretty bad cold. It began as a bad fever, and evolved into horrible chest and nasal congestion accompanied by a heinous cough. This cough has been so bad that it has caused her to throw up […]

Email Snob Interview: Dylan Boyd

I’m catching my latest email snob interview subject right as he’s leaving the email marketing industry for mobile marketing. But he’s still an email snob at heart. Today I talk email with Dylan Boyd, Vice President of Growth at Urban Airship. ScottWritesEverything.com: Dylan, thanks for joining me. I know you’re making “the switch” to mobile marketing, a passion of […]

Madden, Marketing, and the NFL

In my spare time (read: not much), I occasionally play Madden 2010 on my XBox 360. I tend to stick to one or two teams because I really enjoy getting to know the offensive playbooks. This got me thinking. ESPN already broadcasts Madden tournaments. Why not take this one step further and see if my […]

You Don’t Own Facebook

I’m not breaking new ground here with this statement: You don’t own Facebook. You also don’t own Twitter, MySpace (apparently it’s still around), Foursquare, LinkedIn, or any other of these so-called social media services. Why is this important, you ask? Because if you depend on one of these services as your sole means of communication, you’re […]

And now for something completely different

It seemed like just yesterday that I began life as a copywriter at Western Governors University. Over four years later, it seems eerily appropriate that as Nora has taken her first steps and started walking (yesterday!), I take the next step in my career and take my leave from a quality organization and join a new […]