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Email Snob Interview: Brad Spychalski

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’ve spent the summer largely “unplugged.” In an effort to get things back on track, I have another fabulous email snob interview for you. This time, I talk email with Brad Spychalski, the Connections Manager at OLSON. ScottWritesEverything: Brad, thanks for joining me. Let’s start at the beginning. I know you’re […]

Email Snob Interview: Andrew Kordek

For this next installment of the Email Snob Interview Series, I talk email (via email) with Andrew Kordek, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist for Trendline Interactive. ScottWritesEverything: Andrew, thanks for joining me. Let’s start at the beginning. Tell me how you got started in email marketing. Andrew Kordek: I was in sales for Quest Software and thought it would […]

Email Snob Interview: Chester Bullock

For my next subject in the Email Snob Interview series, I decided it’s appropriate to switch my focus to the client side, particularly now that I’m on the vendor side of the email marketing house. As a result, this time I chat email with Chester Bullock, eMarketing Specialist for AAA Arizona. ScottWritesEverything: Thanks for jumping in, Chester! Let’s […]

Passing the Wife Test

The ad guru David Ogilvy once said, “Your customer is not a moron–she’s your wife.” After writing what was become a rather controversial topic over on the Inbox Group blog (Email Marketing: A Conversation Starter), I decided to pose the question to my wife. For those of you who know my wife, you know that she […]

New Rules for March Madness

With March Madness beginning today (okay, cough cough, it began Tuesday, cough cough), I’ve decided I have a few problems with the current/new selection system for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. So, in honor of Bill Maher, here are my “New Rules” for March Madness: 1. To get into the tournament, you must win at […]