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The Mo Gets Personal

There are thousands of diseases and an equal number of causes devoted to ending them. With all of these causes out there, how do you decide which one(s) to support?

Ultimately, in my experience, support comes from those who have a personal connection to those causes.

That’s why this year, I decided to participate in Movember for the first time.

ScottMoDay25What’s so personal about Movember?

My father was diagnosed with both prostate and colon cancer about 6 months ago. And upon that diagnosis, I also learned of the vast family history of cancer on my father’s side. Once that happened, men’s health became personal. And the pull to do something about it became so intense that I put my face on the line.

Facial hair and I, beyond a solid 5:00 shadow, don’t really get along. The mustache grows at half the rate of my beard, and the hair doesn’t lay down—it simply sticks out.

And yet I decided that the mustache was the thing I would grow. It was uncomfortable (I shaved it off), it wasn’t a great look for me, and the best part? I could blow my nose and never feel like I cleaned everything up.

Yet, I did it. And the proof is right there in that picture.


Care to donate to the cause? While November is over, the fight against cancer isn’t over.

Donate to Movember »


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