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Midnight Meditations: Burning Bushes

campfireBack in college, I went through an incredibly spiritual and religious renaissance of sorts. I started my freshman year as a non-practicing Jew, and left it as a devout (yet incredibly reasonable) Episcopalian. Part of that journey was writing a blog I called “Midnight Meditations.”

While I am neither a practicing Jew or a practicing Episcopalian (or a practicing anything religious) right now, I stumbled upon an old post I wrote that seems to reflect a similar time of change and upheaval in my life that can easily be attributed to now. Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote then:

In advertising, the “Boom” factor is the measure of how much reaction and resonance your message receives from your target market. And just as advertising uses words, so do sermons.┬áIt’s a rare occasion that sermons (or really anyone saying anything) really hits the spot, but today was one of those occasions.

One of the readings was from Exodus, when Moses sees the Burning Bush and goes to investigate. He ends up finding God, who charges him with the not-so-light task of freeing the Israelites from bondage. It was a turning point in Moses’ life; the point where Moses made the decision to turn aside and find out what that event meant. It ended up making him the hero of an entire race of people.

My chaplain preached on the “Burning Bushes” in our lives. The changes we go through, the decisions we make in order to learn and grow into who we should be. We may know that they are significant events, but they are indeed.

It seems funny that it’s almost a decade later and this post can still resonate with me. But I suppose that’s true for anyone who is going through a major life change.

My friend Ryan Phelan likes to say, “Life is about choices.” And he’s right.

We’ve made the choice to move to Virginia and take new jobs. We’ve made the choice to leave what’s comfortable and start anew.

We booked the movers today, and that being a huge choice in and of itself, this move is becoming real.

There’s something to be said for fate and destiny in all of this. And to think, all we did was decide to see what was up with our Burning Bush.

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