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Recently, I came across an old post from this blog from almost three years ago–one that got lost for a while in the craziness around the blog reboot. But rather than simply post it back directly into the archives, given my current state of mind, I thought it would be appropriate to post a shortened, updated version here now:


… I was reminded of a small exercise that all of you can do–the idea which came from Seth Godin in his book Linchpin.

The idea is simple: Shut up and think for five minutes a day.

Godin uses Richard Branson (of Virgin Airlines/Records) as his prime example. He says that Branson likely works his ass off during the majority of his days, but he spends probably five minutes a day thinking about new ways to do things.

Five minutes a day to innovate. To dream. (In Branson’s case, to ideate Virgin Airlines when he owned a record company.)

What could you think up in five minutes:

  • A new way to reach your customers
  • A new functionality for your existing product
  • A new product to bring to a new audience
  • A book idea
  • How to finally solve that complex math problem

These are just some examples.

Seriously. I’m talking about five minutes a day. Your daily (hopefully) shower likely takes you more time than that… so hey, you can kill those two birds with one stone.

Tell me: If you devoted five minutes a day to just thinking, what do you think you’d come up with?

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