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Madden, Marketing, and the NFL

madden94In my spare time (read: not much), I occasionally play Madden 2010 on my XBox 360. I tend to stick to one or two teams because I really enjoy getting to know the offensive playbooks. This got me thinking.

ESPN already broadcasts Madden tournaments. Why not take this one step further and see if my theory is correct?

What theory? I believe that the best Madden players would make solid offensive coordinators in the NFL. In fact, I believe that these individuals would make better coordinators than many who hold that position today in the league.

So, why not give it a shot? Allow the finalists of a large Madden tournament to call plays in a real NFL game. It could be either be a preseason game or perhaps even the Pro Bowl (because who cares about who the offensive coordinator is in the Pro Bowl). Here’s why I think it’s a great idea:

  • It would create even greater demand for an already vastly popular video game.
  • It would allow the opportunity to televise the competition.
  • It would draw more interest in the Pro Bowl, providing some semblance of competition to the game, and maybe get the players themselves more interested in the experience as well.

I’d love to see if my theory is true. What do you think?

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