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And now for something completely different

Thiswayforward-200x300It seemed like just yesterday that I began life as a copywriter at Western Governors University. Over four years later, it seems eerily appropriate that as Nora has taken her first steps and started walking (yesterday!), I take the next step in my career and take my leave from a quality organization and join a new great organization.

On January 17th, I will officially be joining Inbox Group as their Vice President of Managed Services. I’m excited about the opportunity to finally put all of my focus on email marketing, leverage my client-side experience to work with clients on their programs, and learn everything there is to know about email.

I’ve had the unique privilege of getting to know my soon-to-be boss, Chris Donald, through Twitter. Discussions on Twitter led to discussions on the phone, and next thing I knew, we were discussing start dates. (Didn’t I say Twitter is for real?)

Needless to say, I’m pumped about this opportunity to be a sponge to a guy who “gets it” and… in the words of LeBron James… bring my talents to the ESP world. (Read Chris’ Email Snob Interview here.)

I will forever be grateful to WGU for giving me four years to grow and find my voice as a writer and marketer.

But the time has come for the next adventure. 2011 is the year for the next adventure.

What’s yours?

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