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Email Marketing and the Spam Perception

I have got to get something off my chest:

All email marketing is spam…

(Now that I’ve got your attention, let me add:)… to somebody.

The bottom line, from a customer perspective, is this: Spam is unwanted email.

Customers don’t care about what the law says or what spam really is. Frankly, they don’t have to. All they have to do is click “This is Spam.”

Even though I wrote before that the power of email lies in permission (and this remains true), there is nothing to stop your recipients from saying they don’t want your message. Permission is the beginning; Relevance is the key to success.

I’m not a spammer. You’re not a spammer (hopefully). But to someone, we’re sending spam.

It’s a fact of life for email marketers. Whenever we tell people at dinner parties what we do, inevitably the snide response is, “Oh, so you send me spam!” And in many ways, they’re right.

Why? Because if the message is not something they want, it’s spam. And it’s inevitable that you will send spam to your customers at least once in their “lifespan.” There’s no way you can avoid it.

You won’t please everyone. And that’s okay. We need to come to terms with that fact and accept that reality.

But that’s not an excuse to not try to best, most respectful, most relevant email marketers we can be.

/end rant

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