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You Are Not Your Customer

If there is something I definitely see every single day of my professional life, it’s the phrase: “If I was in that position, I would ____________________.” It is a common phrase among marketers who want to use personal experience as an excuse to generally disagree with someone else’s sentiment.

News flash: You are not your customer.

With the exception of B2B (and even then, it can be seen as a stretch), customers are not marketers.

Marketers are more inclined to open, click, engage, and interact. Marketers see the marketing messages they receive as learning opportunities (or if nothing else, an opportunity to critique and be disagreeable).

Email marketers, in particular, are much more likely to open messages. We are less likely to act like the customers we are trying to market to.

It’s human nature to project our tendencies onto the actions of others. But particularly in the case of reaction to marketing messages, it couldn’t be further from the truth of the situation.

Just a friendly reminder: You are not your customer. Stop projecting. Start engaging.

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