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Email Marketing: Knowing When and Where to Play

emailradioI try to listen to eMail Radio every week (Tuesdays at 1:00 pm ET – put together by my good friends at The eMail Guide). This past week, industry vets Dylan Boyd and Chad White were on the show talking about email campaigns for the holidays.

I presented a question through the chatroom, asking the two extremely knowledgeable gentlemen what people should do during the holidays if they don’t have a holiday sales cycle or a holiday incentive (say–online higher education like myself). Dylan had some excellent points specifically for me, but Chad gave the most prescient answer for the masses:

Don’t try.

Namely, his answer was another question: “Why compete through the holiday clutter if it isn’t your time of year?” His example was of flower shops, who own Valentine’s Day and Mothers Day. Why should you try to jump into the holiday craziness when it’s not your best performing times of year?

In marketing cliches, you could say “Go pick the low-hanging fruit.” What I say?

Know when and where to play.

The inbox is becoming an increasingly cluttered place. And given how generally inexpensive (in comparison to other channels) email is, companies are sending more and more of it, particularly during the needs-to-be-very-strong holiday-driven fourth quarter of every year.

If you have a holiday offering, feel free to jump into the morass.

If you don’t, sit a few plays out. Your time will come.

Thanks, Chad. Great answer.

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