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Email Snob Interview: Kelly Lorenz

For part three of the “Email Snob” series, I spoke (by email) with Kelly Lorenz, Email Marketing Strategist at Bronto Software.

KellyLorenzScottWritesEverything.com: Hey Kelly, thanks for joining me!

Kelly Lorenz: Thanks for the opportunity! I think this is a neat idea.

SWE: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you get your start in email marketing?

KL: Well, I actually started in the offline word on the agency side of business, so a fairly different place from where I am today. In my last job, I made the transition from offline to online mostly because I saw that was where the industry was heading and I was really interested in website design and optimization. Building a robust email marketing campaign for one particularly large client that focused heavily on ROI took me from dipping my toe into the email waters to becoming obsessed with all the potential, which led me to Bronto!

SWE: Let’s break down the obsession a bit. What is your favorite thing about email marketing?

KL: Since email marketing is constantly evolving, my favorite thing is that you can learn something new every day. No day is the same, and that’s exciting.

SWE: You’ve been a newbie to this industry. If you could say one thing to someone who wants to get into email marketing, what would it be?

KL: It’s a rewarding industry, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to see immediate results and the “fruits of your labor.” If that’s the case, it’s definitely the industry for you. As I said before, you’ll have ample opportunity to learn something new just about every day.

SWE: Staying in that vein, name me a blog you feel every email marketer (new or a veteran) should read (that’s not your own)?

KL: I think “Get Elastic” (and Linda Bustos in particular) puts out content that’s not always email-specific, but always worth reading through start to finish.

SWE: Let’s talk influence. Who’s your biggest influence in the industry? Why?

KL: Wow, that’s tough! There are so many! If I’m forced to pick one, I’d say Mark Brownlow (Email Marketing Reports) just because he makes me think and rethink about email marketing “givens” and pushes email marketers to not just keep with the status quo. I could name drop for days, but there are a number of other blogs out there that I read religiously and industry big hitters that are always putting great content and thoughts out there.

SWE: I’m a big fan of Email Marketing Reports as well. Let’s talk technology. How do you think the iPad will affect email marketing?

KL: I’m really not sure that it will. With all the ways to view emails today, marketers have to be cognizant that there are a multitude of screen sizes on which their subscribers are viewing their marketing messages. This adds another user experience to the mix, but beyond that, I’ve yet to see how it will “revolutionize the way we email.”

SWE: What effect do you think mobile technologies will have on email marketing?

KL: Similar to the iPad, I think that marketers need to be aware that not all users fit into this neat little box. I think there’s opportunity  there for brick-and-mortar retailers to present coupons via email for subscribers on their mobile phones in-store and potentially for mobile email sign-up, but I’m not sure of the true impact at this point.

SWE: What about you? How has your work in the email marketing industry affected your personal use of email?

KL: It’s funny–I’m more aware of my behavior and maybe a bit more critical on email marketers. I’m also more predisposed to consider buying from marketers that do email really well just to reward them.

SWE: Interesting. How about a bit of advice–if there was one thing you could tell either clients or ESPs, what would it be?

KL: Everything is scalable. Just because you aren’t Amazon.com doesn’t mean you can’t do some cool email marketing tricks like they do. Baby steps can, and often do, have major impact. Don’t count out the small stuff!

SWE: Speaking of cool email marketing tricks, what is one thing you’ve always wanted to try with email but haven’t done to this point?

KL: I would like to try an “Easter egg” hunt of sorts to pick out our loyal subscribers who thoroughly read and digest our content and reward them. (Bronto has a bi-weekly newsletter that could fun to try this with.)

SWE: Last question. Let’s say you’re stuck in an elevator with the CEO of a company that doesn’t utilize email. What is your “elevator speech” for email marketing?

KL: Email marketing works–with an ROI of over $40 per dollar spent. It’s more of a question of “why not?” With the proper resources, you can build a program that is one of, if not your most, profitable revenue channels.


About Kelly Lorenz

With a background in Account Management and Client Services at the top agencies in the Southeast, Kelly brings both hospitality and retail experience. In her role at Bronto, Kelly concentrates on top IR 500 clients to assist them in strategically optimizing their email marketing and driving ROI. She contributes to the Bronto Blog and the Email Zoo Blog.

She has a beautiful 12-year-old pug and on the weekend likes to catch a movie, run and/or bike, eat good food, and take long walks on the beach.

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